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The Pillow Humper Gets Hers with Lulu Chu, Victoria Cakes

Victoria Cakes and Lulu Chu are roommates, and Lulu isn’t that easy to live with. Her dirty affliction for pillow humping is starting to really piss Victoria off. Lulu is constantly humping all of Victoria’s nice things and she is sick of it. So, Victoria decides to use a few of her own tricks to punish Lulu. She hides a suction dildo in the fridge knowing it will be the perfect distraction for this dirty lil perv and give her just enough time to put on her strap-on and surprise her from behind. Jokes on Victoria because this is exactly what Lulu likes, and she does not shy away from the hardcore fucking. Victoria removes the dildo and sticks it to the fridge and fucks her with it. Lulu returns the favor and uses the dildo on Victoria. This turns into a scissoring, squirting, sexual adventure gone crazy. Maybe Lulu isn’t that bad of a roommate at all!

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